The Basic Nroda Lash Services

Skillfully applied lashes add femininity and elegance to your eyes. Our luxury beauty services are delivered with strict alignment to high standards in beauty and health--saving you time and effort in your already busy life. Review some of our lash styles below!


We like to describe classic lashes as macara-look. It's everything mascara wish it was: No mess, clumps or raccoon-eyes. This set can pass as natural and elevated for daily wear. Classic application is a style that is timeless.


Princess takes the fullness up a notch! This application technique mixes classic and volume lashes, providing balance of darkness and separation across the lash line that is perfect for every natural lash state, sparse or full. This set takes you from the office to happy hour!


It's volume for the girl who doesn't like volume. This set can range from short to XL and is completely composed of handmade volume fans, that are individually lighter than those in a standard volume set. The result is fluffy and sultry. With proper styling and shaping curated for your face and eye shape, Glam easily reminds you how powerful you really are!


Volume set will vary most based on your natural lash state. If your lashes are sparse, your Baddie set will be more Glam. If your lashes are full, Baddie will be robust. This set is the longest lasting and most dramatic, second only to the Bombshell Mega set. Book this set for a lusciously full look that is light as a feather!

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