Frequently Asked Questions & Aftercare


  • 1) How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Our eyelash extensions are applied by placing one extension on one natural lash or by creating a fan of multiple extensions and applying to one natural lash. Your eyes will be closed and you will be lying down during the entire service.

  • 2) How Long Does Lash Appointment Take and How Long Will My Lash Extensions Last?

Applying a full set of lashes take about 90 minutes to 2 hours. At Nroda Beauty, we consider your natural lash health to determine the length and thickness of the extensions we apply. The natural eyelash growth cycle is 70-90 days from new lash to shed period. Lashes will shed with the lash extension and grow out, causing turning of some lashes. The lash extension should last about 3-4 weeks.

To maintain the upkeep of your set, we recommend that you book a 2 -3 week fill appointment.

  • 3) Will My Natural Lashes Get Harmed Or Damaged After Lash Extensions?

No, they do not. At Nroda Beauty, we have professionals apply lash extensions safely according to the health of your natural lashes. The thinner or shorter your lashes, the thinner and shorter your extensions will be as to not stress your natural lashes. The result is lash extensions that enhance your lashes while promoting their growth. It is very important to NOT rub your eyes or pull on the extensions because you will risk plucking out your natural lashes.

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